Wrapping paper bags are not only used to package products, there is this wonderful use

Speaking of packaging paper bags, everyone’s first impression must be used to fill clothes, shoes, bags, and other handbags, right? But you know, the role of paper bags can be used not only to package products, but it is also a good way to promote Oh! Today, Zhuo Xiancheng packaging products to talk to you about the wonderful use of packaging paper bags.

Now the domestic concept of environmental protection is also increasingly popular, no matter what products, environmental protection this issue is necessary to consider, especially for some popular products. Although packaging paper bags are not considered a popular product, but also a lot of popular products can not do without additional items. The annual use of paper bags is also amazing, especially in Europe and the United States. According to the Freedonia Group released its latest market report “paper bags” (Pouches), by 2020, the amount of demand for small paper bags in the United States is expected to reach $ 10.1 billion, the main driver of market development is the entry of small bags packaging into new markets, while the growth of high value-added products in mature markets is very rapid.

Why the annual amount of packaging paper bags will be so huge? Zhuo Xiancheng small summary out of the following three factors.

1. People rely on clothing, products also need a “coat” to package. An ordinary product has a suitable packaging bag packaging, will look high-end atmosphere upscale, increasing consumer goodwill and trust, so companies in order to make their products appear more high-end, often choose the right packaging bag.

2. Environmental protection, recyclable. The use of paper to make bags compared to traditional materials is not only environmentally friendly, recyclable, and cheap, so now most companies no longer use plastic materials and instead use paper to make bags, packaging paper bags demand will naturally increase.

3. To play the role of publicity and promotion. Paper bags printed on the surface of the enterprise’s LOGO, can quickly improve corporate brand awareness, promote the dissemination of corporate culture, can play a very good publicity effect. Both packaging products, and can play a free promotional role, the right bag will of course be more and more trusted by enterprises. And now many domestic brand industries like to be creative in the bag so that customers are more pleasant shopping and as a means of publicity. Different shapes, colors, and patterns design can make the bag more attractive, of course, the function is still the first, can not be because of the appearance of normal use.

To be honest, packaging paper bags for goods is a very good marketing method, with the gift packaging bags set off, the added value of the goods will also increase, so it is necessary to have suitable packaging paper bags for goods. Paper shopping bags not only provide convenience for shoppers but also take the opportunity to re-market the product or brand. Beautifully designed paper bags will be loved, even if the bag is printed with a prominent logo or advertising, customers will be happy to repeat use, this bag has become the most efficient and inexpensive advertising media.

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