Paper cup structure and paper bag structure

Single-layer cups

Single-sided laminated paper cups, made with PE film inside the cup.

Double-layer cup

The Cup wall has two layers, better quality than a single-layer cup. Used for hot drinks.

Hollow cup

The Cup wall has two layers, between the two layers left in the gap, called the hollow cup.

Corrugated cups

Corrugated cups are a kind of paper container used for daily hot drinks. The outer layer is a corrugated paper cup wall, a strong insulation effect.

Foaming cups

The outer layer is a neatly arranged bubble-shaped paper cup wall with, a good heat insulation effect, mainly for hot drinks.

Flat bag

To store A4 (210X297MM) size documents in the file bag as an example. Its standard size is 220X305MM. no bottom.

Corner support bag (folded crotch bag)

Bag mouth on both sides of the symmetrical folding, propped open after the mouth with the folding structure to expand. No bottom.

Valve mouth paper bag

It is closed around, one end of a valve, the material is filled into the bag by the valve, the valve is closed under the pressure of the goods in the bag. Commonly used in granular goods packaging.

Hexagonal bottom bag

No folding structure on the left and right sides, the bottom is folded and glued to form a flat hexagon.

Square bottom bag

The Left and right sides are symmetrically folded, the bottom folded and glued to form a rectangle.

The bottom will be folded to one side of the bag face and together, the surface will remain a crease.

Portable paper bags

The packaging form with the highest reuse rate. The most common specifications of the portable paper bag are 400 × 285 × 80mm

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