What to consider in an excellent tea packaging box design

We often think about the question, what kind of packaging can quickly occupy the market, to capture the pain points of consumers, what kind of packaging can enhance the value of the product, so that the product is a big fire and big sales.

Take tea packaging as an example, tea is a beverage rich in cultural connotation and historical heritage that is very popular among the Chinese.

But the current market is full of tea packaging, countless, all kinds of shapes and sizes, which makes your tea packaging stand out in front of so many excellent varieties of tea to occupy the market.

We say that the design is the most important, good tea must be well designed, only good design can make tea reflect its noble, elegant, simple, and even trendy characteristics, only the design is good, in order to make tea products dumped on the market, loved by consumers, firmly grasp the consumer’s consumption concept, and thus enhance the value of the product in one fell swoop.

So what factors should we take into account when designing a tea package?

First of all, it is the illustration of the tea packaging, only if the illustration is well designed, people can understand the cultural heritage of the tea, such as whether it is a local specialty tea or a tea of the times with green and environmental protection and other cultural characteristics, or it is a functional tea with high nutritional value that can calm the brain and help sleep.

All these textual things can be translated into the form of illustration and put on the package for customers to appreciate, appreciate and make decisions.

Secondly, logo design is also quite important, a good logo can make the product hit the brand culture, and even be able to set up its own brand characteristics system, and firmly stand in the market. Excellent logo design must be simple, intuitive, atmospheric, clear, more to highlight your product or your company’s culture, only the concentration of these factors together to form the logo is a company with characteristics, with product features, can make consumers bright and refreshing logo.

Finally, the color of the product packaging also needs to be considered, such as your tea is the main green model? Then you should use green as the base color of the packaging. If your tea is mainly cultural heritage, can prolong life, or even make people as drunk as the fairyland, then we recommend that your tea packaging should be a white base. Of course, if your tea is mainly local characteristics, such as Tibetan tea, Qiang tea, etc., you should take into account some local cultural characteristics, colors, such as tore, such as green-yellow, etc. Only after taking these details into account is the packaging that people can accept and love at heart.

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