With a piece of folding gift box packaging box, simply do not be too cool

Folding gift box packaging box has a very image called a piece of the folding box, most people are still very unfamiliar with the folding box, may not have heard of, it because this type of packaging box has just become popular in the past two years, folding box packaging is the evolution of the book-type box, the side folded inward, when fully unfolded into a plate state, so-called a piece of the folding box.

The main feature of the one-piece folding box is to save space volume, save space volume, save space volume, the important thing to say three times, the traditional packaging box whether storage or transport is wrapped up finished state, whether you put the product inside or not, the volume is unchanged, and a one-piece folding box is not the same, in storage and transport is directly unfolded into a piece of the form, only when doing product packaging Folded into a box, which for the limited storage space for the enterprise, the cost savings is a lot of money.

One-piece folding box can also be reused, the traditional product packaging box function is single, to reach the hands of customers, the product is thrown away after use because it takes up too much space, a piece of the folding box can be repeatedly folded, unfolded, not put the product directly unfolded when stored, greatly improving the use rate of the box.

One-piece folding box packaging has a novelty, can enhance the value of the product, brand image, due to the foldable function, so refreshing, unfold, fold, fold, unfold, full of a sense of form, in the packaging for the brand to add a lot of points. A one-piece folding box can also be attached to the hand-mentioned lining, which can fully meet the needs of fine gift boxes.

One-piece folding box industry applications are very wide, like shoes and clothing, cosmetics, food, tea industry, etc. are available folding box packaging, especially shoes and clothing, we all know that the amount of shoes and clothing is very large, the use of traditional packaging boxes have to have a huge warehouse to store if the folding box to replace that simply does not too cool.

The current folding box production has been completely out of hand, all by mechanized instead, not only more exquisite production, production costs are also a significant drop. We Guangzhou DuoYi packaging focus on folding box production R & D manufacturers, if you have this demand, welcome to come to consult.

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