Confirm the eyes, the folding gift box is the favorite box type

As a folding gift box manufacturer, recently, many companies that make branded apparel have found us to consult and customize folding gift boxes for apparel. Clothing packaging in the past, we know that most of the use of heaven and earth cover box packaging or plastic products packaging, brand clothing why will choose folding gift boxes? What are the advantages of folding gift boxes for apparel?

Folding gift boxes for clothing are similar to the material of the box with the lid, both are made of the gray board to increase the hardness of the box, and the surface can also be printed with beautiful patterns and various printing processes. Because of the folding function, the folding box has a huge advantage in saving space and volume compared with the traditional heaven and earth cover box, which can save 60%-70% of storage and transportation space.

Clothing folding gift box compared to the heaven and earth cover box is more fashionable and creative, fold up is the box, open into a board, a full visual experience between the opening and closing, clothing as the pioneer of fashion trends, with the traditional heaven and earth cover box packaging is too common, and choose folding gift box packaging that is to confirm the eyes, you are my favorite box type.

So in general, clothing folding gift boxes have more competitive advantages over the traditional heaven and earth cover boxes and can enhance the product image, brand image, and thus enhance product sales, clothing folding gift boxes will become the new vane of clothing packaging, and become the packaging trend of clothing enterprises.

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