8 classic packaging box types, which one is deeper in your heart?

Nowadays, people’s requirements for living standards are getting higher and higher, and the fashionable, convenient, simple, and yet courteous boutique gift box packaging is gradually entering our sight and getting people’s love, and people are overwhelmed by all kinds of boutique gift box packaging. Today I would like to introduce you to a few common forms of gift boxes, let’s take a look!

01 – Socket type box

This box type is to have white cardboard printing, beer out of the shape after folding. The shape is simple and the process is simple. Generally used for the inner box and simple gift box, the price is low.

02-Window box type

This type of box is generally made of two materials, namely cardboard printing and transparent material. This design is convenient for us to show the product more intuitively in front of us and increase the credibility of the goods. It is generally used in the packaging of food and toys, and headphones.


It is composed of two parts, the inner pocket, and the box sleeve. The box sleeve is left with two side openings that are connected.

04-The box type with heaven and earth cover

This type of box can be divided into two types of gift boxes: the top and bottom lid, the bottom, the branch mouth, the back joint, and the ribbon. It is generally used for food gift box packaging, health care gift box packaging, tea gift box packaging, etc. It is relatively wide in use, but the process is relatively complicated.

05-Book-shaped box

It is made up of a panel and a bottom box, and the size of the box is decided according to the size of our products, which is relatively simple but widely used.

06-Double-flap box type

This type of gift box is composed of a large bottom box, two small bottom boxes, and two lids. The required technology is relatively complex and applicable to a relatively wide range, which is part of the gift box packaging.

07-Drawer type box

This type of packaging is similar to the shape of a drawer, the cover and box body is a two-layer structure that can be removed, and the structure is solid, not easy to damage. It can be divided into two types: high-grade and low-grade.

08-Folding box

It is composed of two parts, a leather case, and a flap. This type of box should pay attention to the size, the height of the box should not be greater than half of the length or width. The feature is that it can be placed flat, saving space for transportation.

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