What are the materials of cosmetic packaging boxes?

DuPont’s law has mentioned that, in addition to product innovation and quality and fast service to win, the packaging is becoming more and more important. From the market point of view, the packaging in the form of products in the whole commodity, is a very important part of the content, though it can make consumers have the desire to buy, thus stimulating consumption.

So it can be said that the market is now looking at the packaging market, want to have good sales in the market, not only need their product strength to be excellent but also need to have a good packaging box to play the bottom. One of the examples is to buy a pearl and return it to the casket.

It is no exaggeration to say that a good cosmetic packaging box can indeed drive the sales of cosmetics. Among them, the material is an important factor to make a good cosmetic packaging box, what are the materials? I’d like to share them briefly.

1, white cardboard, white cardboard can be used to make envelopes, greeting cards can also be used to make cosmetic single boxes. Not only can ordinary printing also be reverse UV printing, but color reproduction is also higher. The corresponding process behind can be over oil, over the glue, and other processes to ensure that the color does not fall off. If you want to make it more exquisite and artistic.

Can be designed to make a sense of art, printing colorful colors, hot stamping large areas of gold, screen printing UV so that local brightening, and so on. White cardboard is also the material of cosmetic packaging boxes for manufacturers now.

2, gold and silver cardboard, gold and silver cardboard compared with white cardboard has a great difference, first of all, gold cardboard, gold cardboard front is gold, the reverse side is white. The color of each batch is not the same, so when used to make cosmetic packaging boxes, you need to take the paper to the color first. Silver cardboard is the same as gold cardboard, except that the front side is silver. Silver cardboard is a perfect match for reverse UV printing, and where hot stamping is needed on white cardboard, silver cardboard can be printed directly, and it can have a metallic effect. But the same color on white cardstock and silver cardstock printing color is not the same, so be sure to do before the proof.

3, kraft paper itself is divided into white cattle and yellow cattle, white cattle whiteness than white cardboard is also white, and do not need to over glue or oil can make the color does not fall off, so many small clear cosmetic packaging box material is the choice of white cattle. The yellow cattle is more suitable for vintage cosmetic packaging boxes, and there are many types of kraft paper, each type of each batch of kraft paper color is not the same. If the company has special requirements for the color of the paper, we should try to avoid using kraft paper.

4, other special paper, there are many kinds, according to demand to find paper for testing. For example, some paper comes with a special pattern, some paper is very high-end very bright, and so on a variety of special effects.

Cosmetic packaging box material is broadly divided into these, I hope it can help you.

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