Valentine’s Day present 520 Day

What is this “520 day” that so many Chinese are crazy about? 520 is a short form of the day of May 20; and, this date is another Valentine’s Day holiday in China. But why is this date Valentine’s Day? It may sound funny but “520” sounds phonetically very close to “I Love You”, or “Wo Ai Ni” in Chinese.

To many, February 14 is the Valentine’s Day every year to celebrate. But, people in China celebrate more than one Valentine’s Day. In addition to the one in February, they celebrate on 20 May 2020 (520 Day) and Qixi Festival. Both are uniquely Chinese Valentine’s Day.

520 or 521 “holiday” is not official but many couples celebrate this Chinese Valentine’s Day; and, 520 has this specific meaning for “I Love You” in China.

So, it’s a holiday for expressing romantic love in China for both couples and the singles.

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