5 facts you need to know about kraft paper packaging

Now we can see kraft paper packaging everywhere: bread bags, fashion clothing bags, melon packaging, etc. Kraft paper packaging is gradually becoming the first choice for many businesses. The vast majority of big brands are also starting to use kraft paper packaging instead of plastic shopping bags to store their products. Kraft paper is popular, but do you understand it? Before you decide to choose kraft paper packaging to store your products, you need to know the following 5 facts!

1, What is kraft paper?

In short, kraft paper is a type of paper made from softwood pulp. This paper is popular because it is environmentally friendly (easy to recycle and does not release toxic substances into the environment like other paper production processes), durable and inexpensive.

2, White and brown kraft paper are not the same

Usually kraft paper has two basic colors, brown and white. The white paper is bleached through chemical technology and is usually used for printing, while brown kraft paper is used for more packaging.

White kraft paper packaging has many advantages such as health and safety, environmental protection, and cost-effectiveness. It is produced entirely from wood pulp, from plantations rather than natural forests, and white kraft paper can be recycled and reused.

3, kraft paper – excellent material for food packaging

Kraft paper is safe for human health, so it is widely used in the food industry

In recent years, with the country’s attention to food safety and people’s environmental awareness, environmental protection kraft paper is increasingly favored. Products continue to standardize, kraft paper packaging is more environmentally friendly than plastic and another packaging, oil, moisture, and low-temperature resistance to freezing, will be a high-strength material, ideal for storing refrigerated food products. If you do not believe it, you can go to the supermarket to shop around and look at the bags of dried fruits: sunflower, coffee, and cashew nuts are packaged in kraft paper.

4, kraft paper packaging has inevitable drawbacks

The main disadvantage is that kraft paper can not meet water, a little water will soften the paper, so the bag must be stored in a dry place. If you want to store liquid products, try not to use kraft paper. Or if you want to use kraft paper, you can choose to add a layer of waterproof PE film.

5, because the plant cellulose is the main kraft paper, plus the kraft paper process has created another drawback of kraft paper: kraft paper is often rougher than common paper, if you need your packaging products smooth and beautiful, then kraft paper is not up to the task, kraft paper preaches environmental protection, health, retro, warmth, and simplicity.

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