what are the classifications of block bottom brown kraft paper bags?

What are the classifications of kraft paper bags?

Classification of kraft paper bags:

1. Multi-layer kraft paper bag: Use two or more layers of kraft paper for machine processing to make a bag shape, stitch the bottom with polyester thread, and then use hot air paper for heat sealing.

2. Paper-plastic composite bag: also known as a three-in-one kraft paper bag, the outer layer is kraft paper, the inner layer is a plastic PP woven bag, using EVA, PP, PE, and other raw materials for high-temperature composite treatment, and after completion, the bottom is treated according to different types.

3. Square bottom open bag: It is basically the same as the multi-layer kraft paper bag. After the semi-finished product is made by the machine, the bottom is folded manually to make a square bottom, and the bottom is glued with glue, and then dried by hot air and drying.

4. Square bottom valve bag: The basic production process of the square bottom open bag is basically the same. The valve bag treats the mouth and bottom in the same way, and at the same time adds a bell mouth to the mouth for filling materials.

The raw materials of kraft paper bags are mainly kraft paper, PP woven cloth, polyester thread, and so on.

The use of kraft paper bags: used to package powder, granular, flake, and block materials; products are widely used in chemical, building materials, food, medicine, metallurgy, plastic, feed and other industries.

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