Food paper tube packaging cans are widely used and have the following outstanding advantages

Food packaging has been popular in Europe and North America for many years, and it has been the main packaging method for many products such as milk powder, cocoa, coffee, tea, cosmetics, detergents, pharmaceuticals, and spices and herbs. However, its application was limited to packaging non-perishable products until the advent of a food paper packaging can that can achieve “airtightness”, which combines oxygen and moisture barrier properties to ensure optimal shelf life period to keep the product fresh and odorless.

Food paper tube packaging is widely used in the packaging of food, beverages, medicines, detergents, animal food, and chemicals. It has the following outstanding advantages:

(1) It is beneficial to prevent moisture, gas (oxidation), light and odor-blocking;
(2) Strong protection for the impact resistance of the packaged materials;
(3) Packaging suitable for food safety and hygiene;
(4) It is convenient for the process treatment of the filling equipment;
(5) Excellent protection of the packaged goods;
(6) It is easy to carry and has a variety of appearances, which increases the value of the packaging;
(7) The processing of environmentally friendly food paper packaging cans is usually to produce “spiral-wound paper tubes” by winding paper materials bonded together with several layers of glue. The tube is cut to the required size and each length of the paper tube is then fitted with a sealing top/bottom sheet to complete the processing of the entire food paper packaging can.

This new development of food paper packaging cans benefited from the joint efforts of packaging manufacturers and paper processing industries and equipment manufacturers and made food paper packaging cans come out of the shadow of plastic packaging and establish their own market. Today, food paper packaging cans enjoy a high reputation in the packaging industry, and their applications are extended to the packaging of perishable products and even fast food. Appearance and easy to carry.

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