How to adjust the standard color of kraft box color CMYK

How to adjust the standard color of kraft box color CMYK?

1. CMYK color mode:

It is a color formed by mixing cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K) in different proportions.

Is the only color pattern followed (as it currently is) for all prints, such as newspapers, posters, coloring pages, etc?

The value of the CMYK color mode is represented by the percentage of added ink density. Color range: 0%–100% (101 values in total).

2. CMYK value of kraft paper color:

Deep cowhide C:26 M:37 Y:53 K:0

Light Leather C:13 M:22 Y:33 K:0

What is the color of kraft paper in RGB?

R: 138. G: 109. B: 53.

Generally, the CMYK values of dark kraft

paper are C:26, M:37, Y:53 K:0, while the CMYK values of light-colored kraft paper are: C:13 M:22, Y:33, K:0.

CMYK-Typical color value The real gold and silver on the printed matter are hot stamped, even if it is printed with gold and silver, it is a spot color. It needs special ink to develop the color. It cannot be overprinted with four colors. If you use CMYK to express gold and silver. If it is beyond the range of colors expressed by CMYK, then these colors can only be replaced by similar colors.

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