What are the advantages of kraft paper for food packaging

Kraft paper pure natural brown outside can give people a kind of healthy, nostalgic impression. Kraft paper packaging is moisture-proof, strong, moisture is not easy to deformation can be a good protection of food, is a kind of packaging paper to meet the requirements of most food packaging. In terms of product promotion, kraft cardboard can be printed with flexographic, gravure, or offset printing and other printing methods can be printed with beautiful advertising.

From the point of view of preservation, food preservation is a very serious problem, moisture is usually the main factor that causes food deterioration, in packaging planning, the use of kraft paper raw materials, can well ensure the dryness of the product, to maintain good products, can also play a packaging planning a most basic function is to maintain the product, so the food business is like to use kraft paper packaging.

And with kraft paper as food packaging boxes and bags, looks delicate and rich in texture this is also a characteristic of kraft paper, kraft paper has a very high tensile strength, do any planning on it, but also the kraft paper function to the maximum.

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