Features and benefits of kraft paper bags

As socio-economic development accelerates, many environmental issues can arise. Consumers are gradually reducing the use of plastic bags and adopting more environmentally friendly products. Kraft paper bags are not only beautiful but also biodegradable, helping us to protect the environment in the best way possible.

What is a kraft paper bag?

The bags are made from kraft paper, a tan-colored paper made by pressing pulp from different woods, also known as recycled paper. Unlike other packaging products, kraft paper bags can be easily recycled and made into other paper products.

Kraft paper bags are considered to be the most practical solution to replace today’s commonly used plastic packaging. We use too many plastic bags every day, resulting in a large amount of non-biodegradable waste and environmental pollution. Kraft paper is a paper with high strength and good water resistance and comes in two main colors: white and brown. Most customers will need to use natural brown color to make paper bags because changing to other colors will require the use of bleach, which will pollute the surrounding environment.

Without designing too complicated and detailed, kraft paper packaging may be simple, but attracts a lot of attention. Usually, the paper bag will be printed with the brand’s message or logo, which is the best way to promote the brand’s products.

Why kraft paper bags are popular among consumers?

When the world calls for environmental protection, cute bags made of kraft paper become more useful than ever. The paper bag design is eye-catching, attractive, and easy to impress users. Customers receive and use many kraft paper bags because of the following outstanding advantages.

1. Special colors

The first thing that catches the eye is that kraft paper bags have a special color, namely the brown color of natural wood, which attracts the attention of customers. Since then aroused the curiosity and interest of people, people are increasingly using it. The strong tear resistance of each kraft paper bag allows customers to carry more items more easily.

2. Environmentally friendly

Because it is pure brown color from wood, so don’t use colored bleach to help us protect the environment in a better way. When the paper bag is no longer used, it decomposes very easily as well, minimizing waste in the environment that is difficult to decompose. Almost all countries in the world, such as the United States, South Korea, and Japan, use recycled kraft paper bags to protect the environment and also to convey the concept of environmental protection to customers.

3. Simple design

Paper bags in a single color have now become extremely popular and essential in daily life. However, the classic brown paper bags are only suitable for vintage-style products, fashion goods, and handmade, only these items can highlight and enhance the beauty of the material.

4. Safe kraft paper material

Kraft paper is more durable and tougher than other materials. Therefore, companies, production, and business premises have chosen kraft paper to design different bags, in addition, it can also carry heavy objects and take up less space. Kraft paper bags are safe for users’ health and will not change with temperature, so supermarkets and clean vegetable stores often use them to store food.

5. Low-cost printing and cost-saving

Kraft paper is ideal for minimalist design elements, it’s processing, and its simplicity. Paper bags use less processed paper, so they will be cheaper. Low printing costs, suitable for the needs and conditions of use of many business units today, compared with the use of other materials, can save up to 40% of the cost. Using kraft paper can save a lot of costs for yourself and society.

According to statistics, of those who have used kraft paper bags once, more than 90% reuse them. As a result, kraft paper bags have become a modern trend that is both flattering and with a retro and classic twist.

Kraft paper bags have a great role in the promotion of corporate brands, and the information printed on the bags can establish a brand image for enterprises and businesses. 

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