How to choose materials for custom color boxes?

In the customization of packaging boxes, many operators will be “torn” about the selection of materials in the customization of packaging boxes, do not know what material packaging boxes will be more suitable for their products, but also want to change the material to try a new way of packaging and afraid of bad sales. The following shares several common materials of packaging boxes in color box customization.

1, kraft paper: kraft paper is tough and less expensive, high-grade moon cake box printing can choose kraft paper can effectively control the cost, and it has good folding resistance water resistance, mostly used for making shopping bags, envelopes, cement bags, etc., also used for food packaging paper.

2, coated paper: coated paper is mainly made of wood, cotton fiber, and other high-grade raw materials refined, divided into single copper and double copper two because it is suitable for printing general color box printing is more applicable, after printing bright colors, rich changes in levels, commonly used in handbags, business cards and books, magazine cover production.

3, corrugated paper: corrugated paper has the advantages of being light and strong, load and pressure resistant, shockproof, moisture-proof, etc., and low cost, single-sided corrugated board is generally used as a protective layer for the lining of commodity packaging or to make lightweight cardboard, pads to protect the goods in the storage of the transport process of shock or impact.

4, Plain paper: paper material is low-cost, suitable for high-volume mechanized production, and very good molding and folding, suitable for fine printing, and it has recyclable, economic and environmental protection.

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