These Packaging boxes of hard-core knowledge points, only the people in the industry know

No matter which supermarket you enter, when you look around, you will see a variety of products in different colors and shapes, and the first thing that comes into the eyes of consumers is the packaging of the products. In fact, not only in supermarkets, we can see them everywhere in our lives.

In addition to fresh fruit and other bulk products, we see most in the paper packaging boxes. There are various types of boxes, such as an embedded combination of gate type boxes, left and right opening and closing type, as well as wrapping combination of book type, and these basic frameworks, and then into the designers’ whims, packaging designers have created a thousand different box types. Today, let the card tease this insider to share for you 5 kinds of classic packaging box types, hurry to see it.

01. Socket type box

The top and bottom lug, the upper part is the same as the bottom, mostly open, but also open the same side, convenient packaging, widely used, suitable for lighter weight goods, such as cosmetics, daily necessities, etc. This box type is generally printed with white cardboard or pit paper, die-cutting and folding can be done, the shape and process are simple. Socket type box is generally used for inner box and simple color box card box, cheap price.

02. Drawer type box

A cover box can give people a sense of intuition, then a drawer box can create a sense of mystery. It is said that it is mysterious because once you see its shape, you have an urge to pull it out to explore the “treasures” inside, and it is born as a “treasure box” with two parts: the inner box and the sleeve box, which are opened and closed in an extractive way.

03. Book-type box

The packaging style is like a book, and the box is opened from one side. The oil panel and bottom box are made up, according to the customized size and function of the box, some book-shaped boxes need magnets, iron sheets, and other materials, which is one of the box type choices for high-grade gifts.

04. Polygon box

The same form of heaven and earth cover, but the shape is pentagonal or hexagonal and other multilateral composition, fine gift boxes give people a stable atmosphere, leaving a deep impression on consumers.

05. Window box

Carton box digging holes to open windows, or add transparent cellophane, to see through the goods. Let the product visually displayed in front of us, convenient for customers to observe, increase the credibility of the goods, very common in cake stores, gift stores.

The packaging box is the first step to attracting customers’ attention, and a good box can be the spokesperson for the product. So, how about you read the above packaging box introduction, also want to create an exclusive packaging box for your products, why not come to us to look at Kaju Packaging?

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