I have to say, using kraft paper bags for storage is too available!

In the past, the new living June about refrigerator storage mentioned using kraft paper bags to do fruit and vegetable storage. It was very well received, and some fans wanted us to talk about kraft paper bag storage. These days on the collection of related materials, the more collection, the more I think, this only 0.3 yuan storage magic tool, is really powerful!

One, fruit and vegetable storage

Use kraft paper to do a total of two scenes of fruit and vegetable storage, inside and outside the refrigerator, the following are explained.

Refrigerator, if you use kraft paper bags to do storage, it is recommended that the above figure stands in the freezer drawer.

Its role, equivalent to a large drawer separator organizer, has both classification and vertical advantages, you can maximize the use of space in the drawer. Even if you put full, you can see at a glance, the drawer and ensure quick access, the shape of the kraft paper will also change with the storage items, super flexible, more advantageous than plastic storage boxes.

Outside the Refrigerator

Outside the refrigerator, generally can be used with a cart or storage baskets, you can let the kraft paper bags stand upright to store commonly used ingredients or sundries.

In addition, kraft paper bags have breathable characteristics, which are very friendly to fruits and vegetables, more conducive to preservation (for storage of fruits and vegetables, it is recommended to get ordinary kraft paper, rather than waterproof and oil-resistant material).

Some people may say, I do not have a cart, the refrigerator drawer can not put the fruit and vegetables. Kraft paper bags are too soft, can not stand upright how to do that?

Little knowledge: two kraft paper two sets together, it is not soft, can stand up on their own and does not affect the breathability, you can put anywhere you need.

Two, cosmetic storage

Cosmetics storage, with kraft paper, can just be used to sort, whether it is placed inside the drawer, or cabinet, can be.

If you put it inside the drawer, when folding it, pay attention to the height of the drawer. As the above picture shows the operation, you can divide the small drawer into four parts to store masks, cosmetics, skincare products, etc., to be more reasonable and orderly than directly put.

If it is directly put in the cabinet, it is recommended that a simple fold can be, so that the kraft paper bag deeper, larger capacity, storage items are also. Want to take more convenient, you can stick a small label to do the labeling.

Three, clothing storage

Kraft paper can also be used to store clothing, placed in large drawers, classified storage socks, underwear, etc., more cost-effective than sock organizers, the capacity is also larger.

The socks and bottoms in the closet are not good for storage, so use them to classify them according to their thickness, which is also very convenient to get.

Four, miscellaneous storage

The kitchen miscellaneous goods are directly put in the drawer, always messy, every time to get to turn a mess. You may also use kraft paper storage boxes, the original drawer, according to the size of the storage items into separate small spaces, drawer refreshing and clean.

Toy storage, we must choose a larger size of kraft paper storage bags, for children more fragmented toys, in order to let her see the first time, you can fold multiple times, made shallow a small storage box, convenient for children can get their own, or put back.

Under the TV cabinet fragmented items storage, with kraft paper storage bags, but also to reduce the sense of clutter.

Kitchen floor cabinets, some cleaning supplies, not commonly used miscellaneous items, rags, and other storage, you can also use kraft paper storage bags. However, if the storage of heavier items, to hold the bottom when picking up, to prevent falling.

Snack storage with kraft paper is really too convenient, placed in the storage basket, the original space is divided into two, storage of fruit, dry goods, milk, etc., neat cure, by hand I can go, but also at any time to know the remaining amount, to do timely replenishment.

Five, flower and plant storage

Home large green plants, flower pots are not beautiful, with kraft paper storage bags to cover the ugly, kraft paper color and green plants are also very matched, so that the home has a sense of shooting magazine scenes.

Small pots, you can use kraft paper bags, different thicknesses and folds of kraft paper bags, the beauty presented are different, you can try it yourself, to create a different aesthetic experience.

With some dried flowers, in a small kraft paper bag, put the flowers into, there is a sense of decadence and beauty, but also a good prop for taking pictures.

If you often shop, there are a lot of kraft paper shopping bags at home, do not have to buy the above kraft paper bags alone can also be, directly with scissors to cut off the part with a handle, the remaining part can be used like ordinary kraft paper bags!

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