There is a mysterious box called a sliding drawer gift box

If the heaven and earth cover box can give people a sense of intuition, then the drawer box can create a sense of mystery. It is said to be mysterious because as soon as one sees its shape, one can’t wait to pull it out and explore the “treasure” inside.

This drawer box is a “treasure box” by nature. The drawer-type box cover is tube-shaped, the box body is disc-shaped, and the box cover and box are two independent structures. Such a design makes opening a pleasure. Slowly pulling that moment instantly becomes a kind of enjoyment. This type of box is ideal for gift packaging, tea packaging, jewelry packaging, watch packaging, and electronics packaging.

The mysterious drawer box can be used for multiple purposes, and it can be divided into different categories and different levels. If you want to save space and want to pack different series of products of the same brand together, the double-layer drawer box form is a good choice. For example, in this tea drawer box, you can put black tea in the upper layer and green tea in the lower layer. Let consumers know at a glance.

Drawer box, firm, convenient and practical. The outer box of the drawer can increase the value of the product through decoration, such as adding bronzing, UV, embossing, embossing, and other processes, which can not only highlight the brand information, but also highlight the unique texture of the carton, and the artistic sense of the whole box is full. Surrounded by. The product is instantly given its own unique high-end style due to the packaging. Consumers’ confidence in the brand is also full. He Qiu has no market.

The inner box of the drawer gift box can be made of cardboard, and some EVA inner support, blister inner support, flannel, satin cloth, etc. can be added to enhance protection and beauty, which is convenient for display in sales, beautify publicity, increase social value, attract customers, Improve competitiveness and facilitate consumers to subscribe.

The drawer box customized by Junye Packaging and Printing Factory has a simple, beautiful, and atmospheric appearance. The material is thick, wear-resistant, and pressure-resistant. The design is humanized and the lines are smooth. If you have packaging and printing needs, please contact us. We will, as always, be attentive, considerate, and patient to create the perfect packaging for you.

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