Creative paper tea packaging box design

China is the hometown of tea and the birthplace of tea culture. Xiucui Ming Lake tourists come to cross the creek, and the ancient well is full of joy and it is time for tea picking. Tea box packaging has always been very diverse. The creative tea packaging box design can always give you a bright feeling, and can always bring you inspiration and some creative reference value.

There are still some problems in the domestic tea box packaging design

1. Brand awareness is vague

2. Don’t pay attention to packaging, the packaging is too complicated and not the high-end atmosphere.

3. The design style elements are not novel enough, and they are the same

In response to the above three problems, the designer has a long way to go. Learn more, refer to it more, do more work, don’t look down on the masters, improve yourself more, and carry forward this tea culture with a profound cultural background in a targeted manner.

The trendy form of tea packaging box will definitely attract more young people to take the initiative to understand the background knowledge related to tea, which also makes tea packaging more interesting. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the tea market, domestic tea products are also in full swing, but in the end, those with good looks must be our first sight. The rational design of tea packaging boxes is conducive to improving the quality of tea. Product image, enhance brand awareness, and ultimately achieve product marketing.

The traditional form of tea packaging box must be creatively and interestingly integrated into traditional Chinese culture so that it exudes a unique charm and noble temperament, let us take a look and feel that this tea must not be cheap, it must be a good tea, This is the way to give gifts.

Whether it is trendy or traditional, these two can only show how you want to design, but if you can do all the above, are you still afraid that your work is not enough? Are you afraid that customers won’t buy it? Are you afraid that the design fee is not high? Therefore, as long as the work is hard enough, we are not afraid that customers will not pay.

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