Don’t be too rigid, luxury men’s socks gift boxes are also custom-made by analogy with other types

In the production category of the packaging factory, in fact, many high-end gift boxes that are classified into different categories have the same purpose, but the category of the box is determined according to the design of the entire paper gift box and the pictures and texts. Usually, high-end socks are rolled into a roll of 5~6 pairs and placed in a rectangular gift box, and the type of customized socks gift box at this time is similar to the extended version of the mobile phone or the world of electronic products. Covering the box, there used to be some more tricky socks merchants, who asked to use the heaven and earth cover and edge gift box to customize the atmosphere they needed. Of course, the unit price would cost more than ten yuan. They are matching the whole suit, so socks The cost of the suit is attached to the suit, just to give the guests an atmospheric feeling pursuit.

On the other hand, if you want the sock gift box to be more delicate and cross-border, it can be compared to the type of book-shaped box, like the type of tea box and health care product box, but it is not simply lengthened and enlarged. The size of the box is to add inner support to the inside of the gift box and present the socks as a gem-like design, but such a design is a bit too extravagant in the current market environment, so here In a few years, few merchants have come to us to find this kind of exaggerated packaging box customization.

There is also a minimalist square flip box. The goal of this kind of socks gift box is relatively simple. When a box is opened, the rolled socks are arranged vertically, just like a pen holder, but this is a large pen holder. Now More and more clothing folding forms tend to fold products into cylinders. The biggest advantage of this is to save surface area and effectively solve storage problems. Of course, in this custom socks gift box, the role played is to save space, A box can only hold 5 pairs of socks, but now it can hold 10 pairs, and it is slowly becoming popular on occasions such as discounts and promotions, and this design is analogous to the packaging box of cosmetics.

Since there are so many types of analogies, I won’t give you an example here to illustrate the other types. For example, the drawer box type of jewelry and the single and pair socks box type of softboxes are all good choices. It depends on how the merchants position their socks market, but the current mainstream, according to the changes in the past few years, the rectangular box type with sky and earth cover is more popular, so if you want to make your own socks gift box with customized features, There must be a fundamental goal. The box actually contains the same thing. As long as it can resonate with the product, it is an excellent box, whether it is a jewelry box, a jewelry box, a tea box, or a socks box.

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