The reason why paper packaging box manufacturers are popular with brands?

Cardboard is commonly used as a packaging material for shipping items. And has driven the world with its viability, durability, and environmental friendliness. In today’s market, paper product boxes have captured the vast majority of the market. Most brand owners are constantly using packaging to attract the attention of consumers. Why are paper packaging box manufacturers popular with brand owners?

Protecting items

As packaging, paperboard protects the product during transportation. Common packaging box cardboard generally has gray board and corrugated paper, and they can usually be multiply stacked on top of each other to cushion fragile items, such as crafts, appliances, cosmetics, etc. Properly designed packaging boxes can provide more cushioning and protection for falling items.

Low material cost

Cardboard is inexpensive to produce, usually made from recycled materials, and does not cost very much if purchased wholesale. Other packaging materials are made from plastic, wood, or metal, all of which are usually more expensive and heavier than cardboard, thus increasing shipping costs.

Easy to seal

Cardboard can be sealed securely into packages in many different ways. Because cardboard is thicker, it is less likely to tear if a gift wrap box is dropped to the ground. The surface of the cardboard packaging also adheres well to glue, and these glues seal the package well, effectively keeping the cardboard around the item until it is opened.


Some cardboard is very strong and can protect their packaging, while other cardboard can be wrapped around items so that no material is wasted and the cardboard boxes are not bulky or difficult to transport or store. Paper is also very malleable, and it can be designed into boxes of various shapes and sizes depending on the product.

Environmentally friendly

Paper boxes decompose easily and are not a threat to the environment because few chemicals are used in the manufacturing of the boxes. The principle behind biodegradable products is that the raw materials are effectively returned to their natural state. Eco-friendly paper boxes can also be used as a composting material, which can be turned into a nutrient-rich material.

It is vital to increase the appeal and uniqueness of your product through high-quality custom paper boxes. The reason for the popularity of packaging box manufacturers is not only that, choosing a packaging box manufacturer for custom paper boxes also allows you to add colors, themes, printing, and logos to the boxes according to the needs of your brand.

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