How to choose the right liner for gift boxes?

Gift box customization is one of the most important and versatile types of packaging boxes. When customizing gift boxes, the first thing we consider is the selection of the box material and the determination of the style and style, but rarely do we take into account the box lining. For packaging boxes, choosing a suitable liner is a very important part of the process, and its choice will directly affect the entire box’s grade.

For customers, it is normal that they do not know the materials and uses of these liners, but as a professional custom packaging company, we need to be familiar with the pros and cons of different materials of liners and recommend them to customers at the right time. Next, we will make a general introduction to the common gift box liners.

Cardboard or corrugated paper liners: Most of our common boxes are made of paper while using paper liners can achieve unity of style. Cardboard and corrugated paper are cheap, environmentally friendly, and easy to process, so they are very popular with businesses. At the same time, the paper liner is easy to shape and has good cushioning performance, which can play a protective role in supporting the entire item during transportation. Paper liners are commonly used in electronic product packaging, wine packaging, etc.

EVA liner: EVA is a polyethylene foam product, with good elasticity, flexibility, stamping resistance, and sealing. EVA liner has a smooth appearance, uniform and fine bubble holes, soft and thick, with good buffering and shock absorption performance. EVA liner can be grooved or flocked on the surface, groove design can play a fixed and display the role of goods, and flocking design can make the surface of the liner more soft and shiny. EVA liners are often used for the packaging of valuable and fragile products.


Sponge liner: sponge liners for high-grade products can play the role of cushioning shock absorption, while the sponge liner there are environmental protection sponge liners, anti-static sponge liners, and fire sponge liners. Among them, an anti-static sponge liner for electronic products, and chips, can protect the product from the damage of static electricity. The low cost of the sponge and ease of process is also very popular with business lining material.

Plastic liners: I believe that we are certainly no stranger to plastic liners, plastic liners are often used in food packaging, such as mooncakes gift packaging. Plastic liners are not soft and environmentally friendly, but they are one of the most used lining materials. Plastic liners are stable, extrusion-resistant, not easily deformed, and inexpensive. In use, it is often paired with silk fabric, which has a very good gloss and can increase the texture of the entire gift box.

Different materials of lining have different advantages, and I believe you have already made a preliminary judgment on how to choose the right lining material. In the process of transportation or handling, the lining can reduce the chance of loss of goods, and at the same time, it can also enhance the grade of the packaging


How to choose the right liner for gift boxes?
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