The packaging design of the moon cake gift box is very beautiful, and you want to eat it when you see it

The packaging design of the moon cake gift box is very beautiful, and you want to eat it when you see it

In the Mid-Autumn Festival, the people who appreciate the moon are reunited, and the moon cake gift box is full of friendship.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, buying moon cake gift boxes for relatives, leaders, friends, family members, or for their own collection and use, is something every Chinese will do.

However, ordinary moon cake gift box packaging design is difficult for people to take out.

Today, the editor will bring you a few high-value moon cake gift box packaging designs, which are guaranteed to make everyone want to eat them.


The bright moon shines in the sky, and the stars shine brightly.

The gift box is made of stars, bright moon, and jade rabbit, and the buckle of the gift box is made of metal material to set off the brilliance of the bright moon.

“I don’t know the moon in an hour, I call it a white jade plate”

It is said that the ancients did not understand the moon and compared the moon to a jade plate.

So we made the white jade plate that only exists in the poem into a jade rabbit plate, and put the reunion into the gift box.


Make the most of compactness and sophistication.

The elongated design is elegant.

Six small squares, place six small moon cakes, delicate, compact, and beautiful.

Coupled with the flying geese and the moonlight and Mid-Autumn Festival, the strong classical charm is skillfully combined with the Japanese minimalist style.


Boxy, delicate, and elegant, this is a traditional mooncake gift box design with rich classical features, a strong sense of design, and delicate and delicate.

Simple line outlines, elegant illustration design, and symmetrical layout design all show consumers its ideal quality.

Good design is what makes people fall in love with it.


The mooncake gift box packaging design is full of carvings, the surface is hot stamped and embossed, and the concave and convex technology is perfect.

The details are rich, and in the illustrations, there are countless elements of Chinese style and the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is an excellent mooncake gift box design that is heavy but refreshing.

Whether it is the outline of the pattern, the design of the font, or the processing of the details, it all shows the designer’s profound artistic skills.


The mooncake gift box art full of modern atmosphere combines the stars and the moon vividly.

The twelve constellations are scattered, the stars are in the moon, and the blue color design seems to tell people the mystery of the starry sky.

The packaging design of this mooncake gift box is bold, innovative, breakthrough, charming, and artistic, and the twelve constellations are not a small selling point, which makes consumers shine.

Excellent design, the interesting soul that can be touched.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and the packaging design of the mooncake gift box is about to shine. Let us look forward to this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival gift!

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