Advantages of luxury folding box

Luxury folding boxes are a very widely used type in the packaging market and are used in medicine, food, handicrafts or clothing, cultural and educational supplies, etc.

Many people pay attention to etiquette when giving gifts, and gift packaging need to take into account etiquette and face, and even a unique culture.

High-end folding gift boxes can be stacked and stored flat, reducing storage space and facilitating handling, so this kind of packaging is becoming more and more popular, and the processing cost of this folding box is low, and it is suitable for various printing methods, easy to sell and Display, suitable for automatic packaging, good recycling, and environmental protection, etc., also put forward high requirements for the production quality of cartons.

The innovation of high-end folding gift box printing and its development of key technologies and the application of new materials and new methods, integrating folding carton design, pre-press production, printing production, post-press processing, as well as reuse and value-added services on a digital platform Printing envelope, constantly using new processes, technologies and materials to create updated premium folding gift box prints.

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