The gift box packaging design is exquisite and practical, which one do you pick?

As a necessity to send to friends and relatives during Chinese New Year, gift boxes nowadays are designed more and more exquisitely!

Of course, the packaging should not only pursue beauty, its practicality is also essential, today we will share with you some gift box packaging designs.

First of all, the Forbidden City together with Pertouch Pohi jointly launched the small dome T1 [rich auspicious elephant] tea gift box

This teaware gift box contains a total of teapots, tea sea, teacups, handbags, and so on. The overall packaging uses the gilded bronze elephant from the National Palace Museum collection as the main visual element, symbolizing good fortune, wealth, and peace. The linear sense of vintage style throughout the hardcover gift box is full of weight.

The handbag is made of Italian imported vegetable-tanned goatskin, and the main visual image continues the design of the “negative kneeling” auspicious elephant, and uses the gilding process, reflecting the details of the palace craftsmanship everywhere.

The design of the tea box is inspired by the elements of peony flowers in the National Palace Museum’s collection of cultural relics, with gold thread outlining the outline of the blooming peony, and the beauty of the overflow from the details.

Compared to the vintage teaware gift box with Chinese elements above

The gift box of this mountain treasure is a bit younger

This mountain treasure gift box has five products, including dried mountain treasure, dried seafood, nutritional tonic, nutritional porridge and rice, and grains and cereals.

The illustration elements are designed according to the unique ingredients and personality of each product, with the bright and rich color scheme, the whole looks young and aesthetic, making it different from the packaging of similar products in the market.

After looking at the domestic packaging, let’s see how the foreign gift box packaging is designed.

For example, when you see this package below, what do you think of it?

Jewelry? Apparel?

In fact, in an Australian store selling baby gifts, its gift box packaging uses a modern sense of illustration pattern design, the front contains only the brand logo and with bright colors, while the sides are designed with some black and white dot pattern, resulting in a strong sense of contrast.

Other than that, it must be extremely resistant to dense phobic people

The outer packaging looks like nothing special, but opening it will certainly give you a lot of surprises, the inside is covered with a lot of watercolor pattern design, very gorgeous, as if in the appreciation of a beautiful art watercolor painting.

Next, let’s talk about this chocolate gift box packaging

This is a star and river-themed chocolate packaging, which incorporates the elements of the Milky Way and the universe, so it is made of sky blue paper and silver aluminum foil paper, with a very creative design on the outside.

It is even more interesting when the box is opened, a pair of concept designs shaped like “swan wings” will automatically pop up inside to protect the chocolate inside.

Which one of the packaging do you like?

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