High-grade pen packaging box how to choose the material

For most of us, the experience of using fountain pens goes back to our school days, but back then most of us preferred ballpoint and water-based pens. But with the advent of the digital age, traditional calligraphy and fountain pens have also become a trend.

As the fountain pen is no longer considered a standard writing instrument for everyday use, it has been elevated to the status of an accessory. Email and various social software have become the main communication tool now, the fountain pen is more like a kind of heart, a kind of sincerity, like the president, almost does not use a ballpoint pen to sign treaties but uses a fountain pen, which is more like a symbol of identity. So the selection of materials in the fountain pen packaging box can not be ignored, the following is to introduce you to a few common fountain pen packaging box materials.

1. Art paper

Art paper, also known as special paper, color expression is very perfect, can make the design of printed materials more prominent color, used in the packaging box is the very personalized and artistic atmosphere. Strong texture and unique texture, which can make the printing effect more realistic, elegant color after printing, simple and pure, is the most ideal choice for high-end fountain pen packaging boxes.

2. Pulp paper

Raw pulp paper extract fiber made of pulp, paper 100% recyclable, light smell, a pure fragrance from the wood, made of paper is generally yellowish brown, in the state of pulp with natural pigments, healthy and natural, is one of the common packaging paper used in the packaging industry.

3. White cardboard

White cardboard is a thick and firm white cardboard made of high-quality wood pulp, the whiteness of the paper is very demanding, the higher the whiteness, the better the printing effect.

4. pearl paper

PEPA is a very unique packaging paper, with a smooth surface, and pearlescent particles shiny, reflective, in the light or sunlight, with a pearl-like luster, used for pen packaging boxes are very artistic.

5. Kraft paper

Kraft paper has good water resistance, its tear strength is very high, and is commonly used in packaging material. Unbleached kraft paper is usually brown, which can give a classic, retro feeling.

6. Polyvinyl chloride

Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is a polymer material that uses a chlorine atom to replace one of the hydrogen atoms in polyethylene. Polyvinyl chloride can be made into a pen box alone, or together with paper.

The appearance of the pen box design is like the outer beauty of the box, and the selection of materials for the box is like the inner beauty of the box, choose the right material can not only enhance the brand image but also improve the sense of customer experience.

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