Gift wrapping design points! Be respectful

Gifts as a special purpose of the goods, packaging design are different from the general merchandise packaging, general merchandise is only the purchaser’s consumption, often focusing on affordable, while gifts are used to give to others, it is necessary to reflect the feelings of the giver, so the gift packaging should be more elaborate than the general merchandise packaging.

On the one hand, to protect the gift, on the other hand, is also to make the gift sent appear more dignified. A satisfactory gift, with decent packaging, is the icing on the cake, a beautifully packaged gift, the receipt and delivery of both sides is a pleasing thing. The gift packaging design should focus on the following points.


Gift packaging is generally used for weddings, birthdays, festivals, celebrations, visits, condolences, and other occasions, and should be targeted in its packaging design, and reflect the special characteristics and uses of different types of gifts. For example, gift packaging designed for men should consider the prominent masculine breath; while packaging designed for women should reflect the sense of tenderness; gift packaging designed for children should have lively characteristics.

Another example: Christmas candy, jewelry, and jewelry stores will launch Christmas gift boxes, with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, small snowmen, and other shapes, a small gift packaging can also bring out the festive atmosphere.


Gift-giving itself is the transmission of love, so the gift itself packaging can not ignore the mood. For example, jewelry is often the messenger of love, its packaging is extraordinary, the past packaging is just a lift-off plastic box or silk brocade bag, now found that there are many more with the mood of the packaging.


As a gift item, the gift expresses the dignity of the giver and also reflects the identity of the giver, so the gift packaging should focus on the form of the packaging and the packaging materials. Nowadays, the packaging has developed from natural materials to synthetic materials, and from single materials to composite materials, which has greatly enriched the choice of materials for packaging.

How choose the right material to reflect the high-grade gift packaging, is the need to study and explore the efforts. Designers, in addition to the design concept, should have a sense of innovation, the need to understand the structure of various materials, performance, and general processing methods, such as analysis, to achieve the best effect of gift packaging. As a high-grade gift packaging materials are paper, metal, etc.

There are many varieties of paper, which can be divided into instant packaging gifts of paper and the gift itself with the outer packaging paper, the former is the gift of goods, this paper has coated paper, aluminum foil paper, crepe paper and art paper, etc., they all have different textures, elasticity, softness, toughness and tear not broken, waterproof and other characteristics. They are often paired with decorative tapes and cards and appliques. Different gifts should choose the right paper to bring out the best in gift packaging.

To make gifts high-grade, many gift packaging also like to choose metal materials, such as iron, aluminum, etc., with gold and silverware-like sense of nobility, and conducive to processing modeling and printing, high-grade materials do not necessarily reflect the high-grade nature of the gift, it depends on whether the designer used just right.


Different gifts from different places, so the gift packaging should emphasize design creativity, highlighting the national or local style, reflecting the personality characteristics with cultural taste. Recommended reading: Packaging design should adhere to the appropriate!

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