Kraft paper box packaging in electronic products!

Kraft paper packaging, now is very common, but you know what? Kraft paper packaging in addition to our common kraft paper bags for clothes, kraft paper boxes for shoes, food packaging, etc., the field of kraft paper packaging now even touches cosmetics, shampoo, and other fields, but I’m not talking about these today, but the headphone packaging boxes.

Because of the rapid development of the Internet, life online shopping crowd more and more, logistics express industry has also been rapid development. Through the courier, people can receive goods from different regions in a short period. But also brings the question of whether the packaging of the package can withstand the test of long-distance transport in the courier process. Especially for electronic products, solid packaging is essential for the product.

The general traditional packaging is a gray background whiteboard paper laminated double adhesive paper, and then over a layer of film. But this packaging is slightly less protective of the product and does not enough environmental protection. Kraft paper packaging is very good to make up for these shortcomings, and kraft paper packaging does not require over the film, in line with our requirements for environmentally friendly packaging. So what are the benefits of using kraft paper for packaging headphone boxes?

01, the change in the aesthetic concept of consumers

With the change in aesthetic concepts so that some traditional packaging will be aesthetic fatigue, and the shape of kraft paper can be varied, this packaging on the consumer’s visual impact, the general appearance of fine kraft paper packaging boxes can be used as storage boxes or storage boxes or even money boxes.

02, green environmental protection

Kraft paper is an environmentally friendly packaging material. Can be recycled again, even if not recycled, kraft paper boxes will soon be dissolved by nature. That’s why kraft paper is more and more favored by people, and at the same time, the industries it touches will be more and more.

03, packaging cost reduction

Kraft paper packaging costs are relatively low. In the packaging materials, kraft paper raw material prices are low, made into packaging boxes when the process and technology are relatively simple, in saving costs at the same time also do the requirements of environmental protection.

04, Improve the quality of packaging

Due to the rapid development of the Internet and logistics network. How to make a high-strength packaging box to ensure the protection of products in express transport is not damaged has become the pursuit of many printers, kraft paper made of packaging boxes flexible and strong, high breakage resistance, can withstand greater tension and pressure does not break, good strength, high hardness, in line with the manufacturers of packaging hardness requirements.

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