Is it good to use grey kraft paper for the packaging material?

With the development of the packaging industry, the packaging box is not only the outer packaging of a product, but the external impression of a product, which gradually endows the product with more value, and gradually more consumers are willing to do good, Creative packaging box to pay for. And the packaging box can be made of various materials, among which the most common is kraft paper, so is it good to use kraft paper as the material of the packaging box?

The main material of the kraft paper box

Printing paper: double copper, single copper, white card, cowhide, whiteboard with a gray background, etc. Commonly used is 300g/350g/400g kraft paper.

Single-sided corrugated paper: B and E corrugated paper are commonly used, and domestic B grade paper. The price is 1.7 yuan/㎡, 1.2 yuan/㎡.

Process flow and method of kraft paper box

The traditional processing process of the carton: electronic file → electronic color separation → large-scale layout → film output → PS plate (PS plate) → offset printing → surface treatment → corrugated lamination → corrugated → die cutting → window paste (whether it is necessary or not )→gluing box→packing→delivery.

The characteristics of using kraft paper for the packaging box

1. The surface of the kraft paper is smooth and flat, and the printing effect is very good, which is convenient for merchants to print simple photos and logos on the carton.

2. Kraft paper also has the characteristics of moisture resistance. Even if it is placed in a humid environment, it is not easy to deform and soften.

3. Because the price of kraft paper is about 4,500 yuan/ton, it is cheap and high-quality, and it has good printability and post-press processing.

4. As the material of Yunnan packing box, kraft paper has excellent strength, pressure resistance, and is lightweight, which is not only convenient for transportation but also prevents damage during transportation.

5. The color and style of kraft paper are relatively simple, elegant and concise. The brown color of the kraft paper itself seems to make people feel warm and nostalgic, so it has a retro feel and is used in combination with Chinese elements. It is very suitable as a carton and packaging material.

6. Kraft paper packaging will quickly degrade in the soil even if it is piled up on the ground.

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