The use of kraft paper box packaging for wine packaging highlights differentiation

The wine packaging box has changed from simply satisfying the use function to paying equal attention to both practical and cultural functions, and generally shows the basic characteristics of gradual innovation and continuous enrichment with the advancement of technology.

The wine packaging box is evolving towards a more life-like and artistic direction. The wine packaging box made of Russian kraft paper is more complex with people’s main concept of harmony between modern life and nature. Designers should consider taking the needs of life as the starting point, taking the manufacturing form that least affects the quality of life as the production method, and taking the materials that can participate in the ecological cycle chain and have good reducibility (such as Russian kraft paper) as the main material source, to design in line with modern The original design of the universal design language of modern product design in people’s lifestyle and aesthetic habits, the bold application of Russian kraft paper on the wine packaging box is a good attempt.

The benefits of kraft paper packaging:

The kraft paper packaging style is unique, and its simple and elegant packaging style adds a lot of color to the product, which is reasonable to improve the product and corporate image.

The protective ability of kraft paper packaging is excellent, and its ultra-high physical properties can effectively protect the product. The resistance to compression and fall is also greatly improved.

The protective ability of the kraft paper packaging is excellent, and there is no need to worry about damage to the product during transportation and storage.

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