Bottles and jars can also be used for decoration, and wooden fruit baskets are the most versatile

With standardized, seasonal ingredients, decorate the home with practical objects

In order to make the home space more stylish and tasteful, do you have the symptom of “when you see the home accessories you like, you want to buy them and put them home”? Buying wherever you go, buying a little in the east and buying a little in the west, leads to more and more things in your home. The decorations that were originally intended to beautify the arrangement have finally become the culprit of the clutter. The dilemma of having to put it and no place to put it creates a difficult storage problem.

In fact, these items purchased for the layout are not needed at all! Because the best home accessories are the ingredients you eat every day and the tableware you will use every day, using practical items as decorations will not only take up extra space and store them deliberately, but also create an unpretentious life. Sense, let the beauty really integrate into the home life.

Placing things you can actually use

In terms of ingredients, fruits with different seasons are the most suitable decorations. The colors can change with the seasons, and the seasonal fruits are also the freshest, which are good for decorating space and human health. In terms of tableware, the specifications are uniform. This style is the most suitable layout because there are fewer problems of different sizes, it is naturally neat and tidy, and it can be stacked and stored to save space.

In addition, instead of buying additional items that are “pretty”, it is better to focus on the design from the beginning, such as the choice of single chairs, the texture of the dining table, or the purchase of home appliances: such as fans and refrigerators. Comes, you can completely integrate function and beauty, create different corner aesthetics, and at the same time, there will be no more things occupying space.

1. Wooden fruit basket vs. good impression tableware is the most versatile

To use fruits as decorations, it is indispensable to match the utensils. Choosing a simple wooden fruit basket is the most versatile, which can bring out the chromaticity of various fruits. In addition, through the special tableware, you can also make your home more life-like.

2. Living objects, bottles, and cans can be used as decoration

In addition to fruits and tableware, necessities and practical objects that are used every day and are easily overlooked can come in handy, such as hand sanitizer cans, tissue boxes, candlesticks, kitchen utensils, home appliances, etc., all can be used as decorations.

3. The color of tableware is unified and easy to match, square tableware is better than round tableware

The standardization of tableware also includes color uniformity. Among them, white and transparent models are the most practical. Of course, you can also choose one or two pieces of tableware in black or other colors, and color-jumping with each other adds richness. The reason why long and square tableware is better than round tableware is that even if round tableware is stacked, there will still be zero space around it, but long and square tableware can be aligned with the cabinet and take up no space at all.

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