What are the main processes of advertising paper cup printing?

In ordinary life, it is often rare to come into contact with various styles of fine paper cups, which are printed with more patterns. Advertising paper cups are a new kind of propaganda for enterprises, which are very helpful in not the same enterprises. A variety of printed patterns, printed on paper cups, not only can bring comfort to the drinker, but also play a good role in publicity. So, what is the main process it has, together to understand?

1, offset printing: it is the use of oil to print the pattern, the advantage is that the pattern of the color is full, bright, and look is also very clear. Even the fine lines printed on the paper cups are also unobstructed, appearing very fine appearance of paper cups.

2, screen printing: it has good flexibility and applicability, is suitable for printing on paper and fabric, and can also be printed on hard objects. This way of printing is not limited by the shape and size of the printed surface, and the paper cups printed by silk-screening have certain localization in dealing with gradation and image accuracy.

3, flexographic printing: it is printed with water-ink, followed by what is also known as green printing. When performing flexographic printing, the machine structure is relatively simple. Compared to other types of printing, flexo printing is currently a process often used in paper cup printing.

With a variety of processes to choose from, it is also very beautiful and clear, which is exactly what many customers want. And not only the process, but also the price is very affordable, no longer afraid of no cup to drink!

What are the main processes of advertising paper cup printing?
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