What are the advantages of packaging kraft paper bags?

After the appearance of kraft paper bags, its development speed is still relatively fast. We know that its application range is relatively wide, so what are the advantages of using kraft paper bags?

One is its environmental protection. Regardless of the raw materials used in production or the production process, it is a product with no taste and no toxic effect, so it has always been a very popular environmentally friendly material. Especially now that the concept of environmental protection and plastic reduction is vigorously promoted, which makes it occupy a very large position in the market competition.

The second is strong printability. Because the kraft paper bag itself is colored when it is produced, when printing, it only needs to print a beautiful pattern to have a good effect, which can not only reduce the cost of printing but also reduce the time for printing.

In addition to its advantages, in fact, kraft paper bags still have certain disadvantages. Mainly in the following points:

The first is in printing because the surface of the kraft paper bag is relatively rough, so when printing some patterns with richer colors, it is easy to have the problem of uneven printing ink, and the same pattern is on the plastic bag. Printing will be more delicate, and the color can be well preserved.

Secondly, it is a material that cannot see water. If there is water, it will easily soften the paper bag, so when it is stored, it needs to avoid water and be in a well-ventilated environment, especially it cannot be used for packaging. Liquid items and this kind of problem plastic bags will not exist. If you must use it, you must choose a product with a composite membrane, which can avoid the direct contact between the liquid and the paper material and ensure the effect of use.

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