The process of consumer psychological activity in the packaging box

The packaging box expresses a brand recognition, image display, commodity value, product characteristics of the information transfer, and expression form.

Creative packaging can not only attract consumers’ attention but also directly stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.

The packaging box is a talking product salesman, which can make consumers included in the visual selection process.

Take you to interpret the consumer’s psychological response

Attention: When a consumer is shuttling between different kinds of products, he will definitely choose to stop by the box product that catches his eye to see if the product meets his needs.

Interest: The consumer’s interest in purchasing may be triggered by the beauty of the box’s shape, the good color, or the price and value of the product.

Association: When consumers touch the product box with their hands, they will not only be interested in the product but will even associate themselves with the joy and value they have gained from using the product.

Consumer desire: The box is the consumer’s first consumer desire for the product, followed by the consumer’s “basic association” and “extended association” with the product according to their real needs and unrealized needs, which is the consumer’s second consumer desire for the product. This is the second consumption desire of consumers.

Contrast: After the consumer desire is triggered by the box, there will be contrast, the product’s cost performance, and brand trust, the psychology of comparison, the unique artistic creativity of the box, and the product’s cost performance will have a great influence

No one can divide their vision and feeling, no matter how much you “return to the heart” and “return to the basics”, consumers will misjudge the information in your box, because of your subjective demands and the points involved, and the consumer’s self-perception are certain differences and gaps. All the ideas are based on the perception of the box as a basis for consumption, how to think how wrong, to combine the visual and value of the product to enter the heart of consumers

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