About the advantages and disadvantages of folding paper packaging boxes

There are many types of packaging boxes: heaven and earth cover type box, drawer type box, book type box, folding paper box, etc. Among them, the folding paper box should be more widely used, so is this folding paper box suitable for all products?

A folding paper packaging box is a tough thin cardboard box, after printing, die-cutting creasing, and gluing production. The biggest feature is that the folded box can save a large part of the storage space and transportation costs when storing and supplying; it is good for product promotion and marketing when selling and displaying; it is easy to process and has low cost, throughout the process of lining up knives, die-cutting, and creasing, folding and gluing, it is easy to process the cardboard into the required shape of paper boxes, and the processing cost is far cheaper than those of plastic, metal, and glass. The cost of processing is far cheaper than those of plastic, metal, and glass, and it can also play the role of protecting and fixing the products.

Advantages of folding paper packaging boxes. 1, low cost, strong toughness, good display effect; 2, and plastic boxes. Compared with the bonded paper boxes, the space occupied is small, and the cost of storage and transportation is low; 3, the mechanized production efficiency is high, and it can automatically open and close, fill, fold the lid, seal, set and push the code; 4, there are many changes in the structure, and a variety of novel treatments can be carried out, such as swinging and extending the inner wall of the box, curve indentation, and inauguration.

Disadvantages: strength of those plastic boxes, paste packing boxes, and other kinds of rigid windows is low, can only bear 1-2, 5kg of light items, the size of the box is usually within 200-30m; the appearance of the texture is not noble enough, not always do high-grade, expensive gift packaging boxes.

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