What do you need to consider when customizing digital electronic packaging boxes?

3c digital electronic products are more common in our lives. Every product has its specific packaging box, and electronic products are no exception. What issues need to be considered for custom digital electronic packaging boxes?

Protection role

Protecting the goods is the basic role of the packaging box. If the product is not shockproof, or drop-proof protection, then there is a risk of damage during the transportation process, displayed on the shelves, but also to avoid damage. Therefore, the role of protection is basic.

Dustproof and anti-static

Digital products for dust impurities interference and no resistance, when there is a lot of dust in the product words, it may lead to damage to technology products, static electricity is also damage to the electronic class of products.

consider the high-temperature environment

3C products will have a lot of circuit boards and other parts, and these parts are not suitable for long-term storage at high temperatures, so the design of the packaging box must have the ability to insulate heat dissipation.

Consider the moisture-proof

because usually 3C products are not waterproof and are particularly sensitive to the humid environment, the outer packaging is more suitable for plastic box material.

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