Perfume packaging box design, so you can “smell” the fragrance through the bottle type

How important is packaging to perfume? From a practical point of view, the bottle is responsible for carrying the perfumer’s thoughts and concentrated fragrances and transporting them around the world; on a sales level, the bottle is also responsible for communicating with the customer.

The shape, material, and size of the packaging all convey different messages to the customer, and among all the elements that can be seen by the naked eye, “color” is particularly important. For example, if you see yellow, you will think of fruits such as bananas, lemons, and mangoes; if you see blue, you will see images of the ocean and the sky; if you see red, you will think of roses or flames. Colors can also give people different feelings, such as red for passion, blue for coolness, and purple for nobility.

Although there is no way to know whether everyone will have the same feelings or imagination when facing colors, and our perceptions will vary according to age, experience, and culture, we can still know what colors probably mean in mainstream perception. It turns out that this theory also applies to perfume packaging.

The fragrance has no color, but perfume does. The fragrance that lingers in the nose but cannot be touched is given color in different colored bottles, which also gives a visual definition to the customer. The exquisite and clever perfume bottle not only reflects the designer’s mind but also conveys a rarely perceived message: did you know that we can “smell” fragrance through color?

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