What should be considered in the design of excellent tea box packaging?

We often think about such a question, what kind of packaging can quickly occupy the market, grasp the pain points of consumers, and what kind of packaging can enhance the value of the product and make the product popular.

Taking tea box packaging as an example, tea is a drink rich in cultural connotation and historical background that Chinese people love very much.

But at present, there are many kinds of tea packaging on the market, countless, all kinds, all kinds, how can your tea packaging stand out in front of so many excellent tea varieties and occupy the market?

We say that design is the top priority. Good tea must be well designed. Only good design can make tea show its noble, elegant, simple, and even trendy characteristics. When tea products are dumped on the market, they are deeply loved by consumers, firmly grasp consumers’ consumption concepts, and then increase the value of products in one fell swoop.

So what factors should we consider when designing tea packaging?

The first is the illustration of the tea packaging. Only when the illustration is well designed can people visually and intuitively understand the rich cultural heritage of this tea, such as whether it is a local specialty tea or an era tea with cultural characteristics such as green environmental protection. , or it is a functional tea with high nutritional value that can soothe the nerves and nourish the brain and help sleep.

We can convert these many textual things into illustrations and put them on the packaging for customers to appreciate, appreciate and make decisions.

Secondly, the logo design is also very important. A good logo can make the product show the brand culture, and even establish its own brand characteristic system, so as to gain a firm foothold in the market. An excellent logo design must be concise, intuitive, atmospheric, and clear, and it must also highlight the culture of your product or your company. Only a logo formed by condensing and softening these factors can be a company characteristic. With product characteristics, it can make consumers’ eyes bright and refresh the logo.

The packaging color of the final product also needs to be considered comprehensively. For example, is your tea mainly green? Then you should use green as the base color of the packaging. If your tea is mainly cultural, can prolong life, or even make people intoxicated in a wonderland, then we recommend that your tea packaging should be based on white. Of course, if your tea is mainly based on local characteristics, such as Tibetan tea, Qiang tea, etc., you should consider some local cultural characteristics and colors, such as torn, such as blue and yellow, etc. The packaging made after taking things into consideration is the packaging that people can accept and love.

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