Precautions for designing the paper drawer box type of electronic cigarette packaging box

Many small partners should know that the packaging box manufacturers in actual production, the design drawings they use to customize electronic cigarette packaging boxes, and the design of electronic cigarette packaging boxes produced by the merchants themselves are still very different, especially when it comes to electronic cigarette packaging. This is especially true when it comes to some professional packaging box customization processes, so today I will introduce two to you, the classic and unreasonable electronic cigarette packaging box design.

The drawer box has a V-groove. Designing the electronic cigarette packaging box in this way does not mean that it is completely unworkable, but the drawer box itself is limited by its height, which leads to the selection of the drawer box as the electronic cigarette packaging box with box structure. Customized styles are not suitable for opening V-slots, mainly because the height is too short. Generally, the height of drawer boxes is only about 15~20mm. This height is riskier for opening V-slots. The V-groove attached to the inner wall is not high enough and the contact area is not large enough, which may lead to instability, degumming, or breaking of the mounted paper, but if the box has such a problem, let alone the customer itself will explode It’s gross, even the inspectors who are responsible for customizing electronic cigarette packaging boxes will have great opinions.

The drawer box is mounted to the end. I believe that many friends have more or less touched the box type of the drawer box, and 99% of this box type has the existence of inner support, and the height of the inner support itself may not be very high in the drawer box. Short, but actually because the drawer box is generally not high, for example, a drawer box with a height of 20mm, its inner support is not a high height of 15mm, but it is very full and about to be filled when viewed inside the box. In this case, in fact, it is not necessary to consider the inner box to be mounted to the end when designing the electronic cigarette packaging box because whether it is mounted to the end or not, a part of the mounting paper from the outer box to the inner surface will be reserved and folded inward. The function is to cover the cross-section of the inner material and make it more beautiful. Even if it is not mounted to the end, there is already such a reservation measure that can be matched with the inner support, so that the box itself cannot see the inner box exposed. So why waste too much paper to mount it in the end?

In fact, I mainly analyzed it today. If the electronic cigarette packaging box is designed with a drawer box as the box type, try not to have these two production requirements and the cooperation will be better. The reasons above are actually explained more thoroughly, but These unreasonable situations are far more than these two, there are other situations, and other box types are also inappropriate. I will introduce more to you later.

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