What aspects need to be considered when customizing garment packaging boxes?

We can’t live without clothing, food, housing, and transportation, and the role of clothing is to keep warm, cover up and decorate, whose importance is self-evident. Clothing packaging box as a container for packaging clothing, with good hardness, sealing, and decorative properties.

The common packaging structures of garment packaging boxes are heaven and earth cover boxes, drawer boxes, folding boxes, flip boxes, and so on. High-grade clothing packaging boxes are favored by major clothing brands due to their high-quality materials and craftsmanship. So, what aspects need to be considered when customizing garment packaging boxes?

First, the choice of material

Whether it is clothing packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, or gift boxes, the choice of packaging material is always the most important. Different materials have different qualities and performance, which will directly affect the overall effect of the box after molding.

Low-grade clothing packaging boxes are usually made of corrugated paper, which is low-cost, light, and strong, but of relatively low grade; medium- and high-grade clothing packaging boxes are usually made of grayboard laminated coated paper, cardboard, kraft paper, and special paper, etc. The boxes made of this type of paper are usually more beautiful and have a wider choice of processes.

Second, the design of the style

Clothing also has men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, and middle-aged clothing, therefore, clothing packaging boxes should also be different with the consumer population and change their design style. For example, the design of women’s packaging tends to be softer, with more warm colors such as orange and pink, while the design of men’s packaging tends to be more rigid, with more cold colors such as black and gray.

Third, the process and other

Design and production of a complete clothing packaging box, through die-cutting, oiling, printing, lamination, and other multiple steps, each step requires careful consideration and operation, if one of the steps in addition to errors, it may lead to the final product out of the bad situation.

The post-printing process such as hot stamping/silver, UV, lamination, embossing, embossing, etc. is also a very important part of the production of garment packaging boxes, and its role is to decorate and protect the surface of the boxes. For example, varnishing and lamination can improve the gloss and wear resistance of the box, while embossing can increase the three-dimensionality of the carton, etc.

Our common clothing packaging boxes are generally paper boxes, which are more environmentally friendly and have good printing performance compared to plastic packaging, and can provide beautiful patterns and even play the role of advertising.

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