What are the common packaging materials used for gift packaging boxes?

A gift wrapping box is the “outer soul” of a gift. When most people visit a gift store, a beautiful gift wrapping box can often quickly catch people’s eyes. Gift boxes come in a wide variety of styles, and the materials used to make them also vary. The materials used in the production of gift boxes determine the characteristics of gift boxes.

The common packaging materials of gift packaging boxes in the market are PET, VMPET, KPET, matte PET, OPP, pearl OPP, matte OPP, etc. These packaging materials are mostly used in the usual gift packaging boxes, and BOPA and AL are generally used in senior gift packaging boxes and are less used in ordinary packaging. The paper material of gift packaging boxes generally has gray background whiteboard paper, white background whiteboard paper, double-sided coated white cards, etc. There is also a low corrugated paper material, the strength of the paper box built into this packaging material is higher than the rest of the paper box. Plastic packaging materials are divided into a solvent-free composite, dry composite, and extrusion composite three major segments, they are the mainstream dry composite plastic packaging materials.

Gift box packaging materials unlike the food packaging materials, physical packaging materials are more transparent boiling-resistant high insulation packaging bags, which are generally divided into the two-layer layout (KPA / PE) and three-layer layout cardboard printing after the realization of the occasional post-printing auxiliary processes, such as embossing, hot silver / gold, open windows, film, etc., these packaging materials are common in our daily lives The packaging materials are common in our daily life.

The above shared some common packaging materials for gift packaging boxes, for gifts to choose what specific packaging materials to choose according to the characteristics of the gift itself to choose. A suitable gift box can make the gift multiply the ornamental value and commercial value.

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