These packaging box types, you have seen?

And to make eye-catching packaging, designers must know the classic box type of packaging. There is a wide variety of classic box types, including the top and bottom combination of heaven and earth cover form, an embedded combination of box type, left and right opening and closing open type, wrapped combination of book type, etc. These classic types lay the basic structure of the packaging box. Under the framework of the basic structure, designers can create a thousand different box types, giving the product packaging a cool veneer!

Here are a few classic box types to introduce to you ~

1, Drawer box type

There are two parts: the inner box and the sleeve box, which are opened and closed in an extractive way.

2, Book type box type

The packaging style is like a book, and the box is opened from one side. The box type is composed of a panel and a bottom box. According to the different needs of packaging customization, some book-type boxes need magnets, iron sheets, and other materials. This box type is one of the box options for high-end gifts.

3, Flip-top box type

The flip-top box is divided into a single flip-top box and a double flip-top box. The double flip-top box is made up of a bottom box with two flaps, and a single flip-top box with one flap. Double-flap box requires a relatively complex process.

4, Window box type

The carton box digs a hole and opens a window or adds transparent cellophane to facilitate the perspective of the product so that the product can be visually displayed in front of us, which is convenient for customers to observe and increase the credibility of the product.

5, Socket type box

The upper and lower lugs, the upper part is the same as the bottom, mostly open, but also open the same side, convenient for packaging, also more widely used, suitable for lighter weight products.

6, Airplane box type

After the box is spread out for the whole chopped paper, the use of structural design to achieve integrated molding, no paste box, can save processing costs, commonly used in express packaging.

7, Heaven and earth lid box type

The box cover and the bottom cover are separated, the cost of paper is slightly higher, but the texture is good, suitable for fine gift boxes, to enhance the product image.

8, Multilateral box type

The same use of heaven and earth cover but the form, but the shape of pentagonal or hexagonal and other multilateral composition, giving people a stable atmosphere, leaving a deep impression on consumers.

The above classic packaging box type believes that you can often see in the mall, with the classic as the basis, designers can enjoy the innovation of the new packaging box type.

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