Six main elements of the paper gift box design

1. Composition design

Composition refers to the complete picture in which the trademark, graphics, and text on the screen are arranged in the packaging design. These three elements are indispensable. Perfect typesetting and proper use of colors can become excellent design work.

2. Trademark Design

A trademark can almost be said to be an overall symbol of the entire brand, symbolizing the image of the product and even the enterprise. Trademark is a kind of art and crafts, it needs to be highly inductive, easy to understand and remember so that the audience can remember it in the shortest time.

3. Graphic design

Graphic design is often not a must for packaging design. For example, the design of a shop on Taobao is just simple colors and logos without any graphic embellishments. Because the product sold is tea, it looks extraordinarily stable and atmospheric. There is flavor. So this kind of bold design is not suitable for all packaging. How to use the pattern still needs to be designed according to the characteristics of the product and the brand behavior.

Generally speaking, graphics can be expressed through painting and photographic lighting. Some of the cartoon or ink and oil painting graphics we see are expressed through painting, while endorsement characters and landscape photos are expressed through photography. Compared with the two, the styles are different. The former can be lively and retro, while the latter is mostly used for celebrity endorsement products, which is more realistic.

4. Color Design

The choice and matching of colors directly affect the temperament and style of the entire package, and also correspond to different consumer groups. Of course, its application is also closely related to the conception and composition of the entire picture design, and cannot be independent of them.

5. Text design

Text design is one of the most easily overlooked parts of the entire packaging design, but often, text can not only convey relevant information to consumers directly and accurately, but also the design of fonts is a symbol to express a certain theme. Overall style. When designing packaging, typography must be considered as part of the design.

6. Communication of product information

The filling of the package can be said to be an advertisement for the contents. In the design, attention should be paid to the communication function of the packaging, and the content and characteristics of the product must be clearly and accurately conveyed. If the packaging of the handkerchief is mistaken for the packaging of socks, no matter how beautiful and novel the decoration is, it will fail.

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