Application of color of the food packaging box

In product sales, if the product is to attract customers, the packaging design of the product should pay special attention. Color is often the first visual attraction in packaging design, and the application of color in packaging design is also a technology. Let’s talk about the application of food packaging box color.

1. Chocolate, oatmeal, and other foods use warm colors such as gold, red and brown to give people a fresh, delicious, and nutritious feeling. The use of bright and bright pink, orange-yellow, orange-red, and other colors can emphasize the fragrance, sweet smell, taste, and taste of food.

2. Green tea packaging boxes can be used to give people a fresh and healthy feeling. The packaging of cold food products adopts blue and white colors with a cool and snowy feeling, which can highlight the freezing and hygiene of food.

3. Tobacco and alcohol foods are often used in elegant and simple tones, which give people a delicious and mellow feeling physiologically, and psychologically show that they have a long history of famous brand feeling.

The clever use of color according to the inherent color of the product or the attribute of the product can attract consumers more quickly and increase the sales of the product. The right color can make consumers associate with the product, so as to have a basic impression of the inner product.

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