Notes on the custom production of packaging boxes

In the current trend of packaging emerged in various industries, the customization of packaging boxes is an important topic of concern for every packaging company. As an important protagonist in the sale of products, the “box”, in the shape of the structure and design style of positioning is crucial. The successful realization of box customization not only adds luster to the product but also improves the corporate image and establishes a good reputation among customers, which can be considered a triple benefit. The common box types of packaging boxes are window box type, heaven and earth lid box type, socket box type, book-shaped box, flip-top box type, matchbox, folding box, drawer box type, and so on. Then to ensure the quality of custom packaging boxes we do a good job in the details is responsible for the company and customers.

1, packaging box customization in the printing content to do with the actual nature of the product

Some companies, to attract attention and boost sales, exaggerate the characteristics of the product, especially in the box in a conspicuous position to do a lot of marketing. The consequence of this is to buy a home, open the box to find the publicity and product differentiation is serious, which is a deception caused by customer loss of corporate image.

2, for printing copy to present a sense of design

The role of packaging is not only packaging products, easy to transport, more importantly, is the transmission hub, highlighting product information as well as promoting corporate culture, so that customers have the need and like to buy. Successful packaging box customization regardless of the quality of the product itself to promote, but also in the appearance of the focus on beauty, so that customers look full of desire to buy.

3, Make full use of color to spread awareness

For the packaging box custom color matching is also very important, is conducive to unifying corporate image to improve brand awareness. Any enterprise loyal to a certain color’s enthusiastic use is a symbol for the product itself. So the reasonable use of color is very important.

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