How many grams of paper bags for tote bags?

When it comes to the grams of handbag paper bags, people who have done handbag know that before choosing what kind of handbag to make, you must choose a good material in order to set the grams together, of course, how many grams of handbag paper bags? Generally experienced people will give you a recommendation of 250 grams, as for the paper, there may be differences. Take a look at it together.

250 grams – 350 grams of whiteboard paper. In fact, whiteboard paper gives a white glossy front, while the back is mostly gray-bottomed cardboard, and such thickness is generally between 250 grams – 350 grams, this paper is cheaper to make tote bags, in general, is not very commonly used.

250-300 grams of white cardboard. Speaking white cardboard may be known to most people, its paper is firm and thick, with a high degree of stiffness, not only resistant to breakage is also very smooth and high, the paper surface always remains flat, the commonly used thickness is 250-300 grams, the market today is the most used is 250 grams of white cardboard to make tote bags because its paper printed out of paper bags, the color is not only full also has a very good texture, and this paper is your custom This paper is a good choice for your custom-made bags.

300g coated paper. For coated paper, the paper surface is smooth and flat, and high whiteness, high smoothness, good gloss, will also print out pictures and images with a three-dimensional sense. More commonly used thickness of 128 grams -300 grams of paper, in general, 128 grams can be used as a picture book or promotional page printing on, but 300 grams of coated paper printing out the effect and white cardboard is the same, the color is full and bright, compared with white cardboard, it is less stiff than white cardboard.

250g kraft paper. Kraft paper has high tensile strength, high strength, and brownish yellow, tear toughness is very good, rupture work and dynamic strength is very high, this widely used in shopping bags and envelopes, commonly used kraft paper thickness between 120-300 grams, generally suitable for printing single-color or two-color color, not a complex manuscript, compared to white cardboard, environmental protection kraft paper, coated paper, yellow kraft paper bags in the price is still relatively cheap.

150 grams of environmentally friendly kraft paper. Speaking of environmental protection hand leather paper, high breakage resistance, good toughness, uniformity thickness color image stability, with certain environmental protection to show the main, and such environmental protection paper 100% pure Mori wood pulp manufacturing, environmental protection and non-toxic, environmentally friendly recycling, and do not need to laminate, widely used in the production of environmentally friendly clothing tote bags, high-end shopping bags, etc., the common thickness is generally 120 grams -200 grams, but the paper is not bright and glossy, these Environmental paper bags are not suitable for printing ink is too large to see the capacity.

Summary: handbag paper bag grams, is the most common in the past to come several, but the market with more or white cardboard, in terms of choice or better printing and production, because its fullness and printing clear, is an indispensable way of publicity for enterprises and businesses.

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