How to customize tea packaging boxes?

Always prepare in advance if you can, so that you can have sufficient time to check or revise. Decisions made in a great rush of time may not feel satisfactory in certain details. So prepare it in enough time to make it perfect. For customers who love tea, it is so important to customize tea packaging boxes in advance, so don’t miss this time period!

1. Determine how many grams of tea to be packed, and choose the box type according to the contents.

2. design the layout, if you have your own design that can be used directly, no design draft can be designed according to your ideas to give you a satisfactory layout, according to the layout to choose the appropriate process to enhance the grade.

3. Do a good job of customizing tea packaging boxes need to do a good job of the box design. The designed tea box should reflect the thousands of years of Chinese tea ceremony culture plus modern changes. When sending a tea gift box to someone, it is all about-face, and it also represents the gift giver’s heart. A good tea box design can leave a very good impression.

4. Sign the contract, come out with the pre-production samples, any changes needed, then adjust, no need to change the direct big goods production.

5. Finally sit and wait for the receipt of goods. The place where the customer needs to do is over, as a manufacturer we will strictly control each process, making their goods more exquisite.

The right packaging box can not only enhance the added value of the product but also in today’s era of low carbon and environmental protection, which requires a simple but not lacking connotation in the design of the product. Qualified tea packaging boxes do not lie in flamboyance, but in creativity. The process of customizing tea packaging boxes is very simple and you can trust us completely that the final product of goods received will not disappoint you. No matter what the product box, the customization process is very meticulous, please leave your packaging to us!

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