6 key points for mid-autumn festival gift box design

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and many brands have begun to launch their own Mid-Autumn Festival activities and related holiday products for publicity and marketing. As an indispensable part of product promotion, the design of Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes is a direct-to-consumer promotional medium for products. , so it is also valued by more brands. Here are 6 points you need to pay attention to when designing a Mid-Autumn gift box.

1. Green, simple packaging

It is advocated that the moderate packaging of Mid-autumn products meets their functional requirements. Packaging plays a role in protecting, facilitating the use, and promoting sales in the product, which determines the supporting role of packaging in the product, so the cost of packaging should not be too high, generally not more than 30% of the cost of the product, otherwise, the cost will be too high. This can lead to a situation where the cart before the horse is put before the horse, and consumers are not paying for the products they love and discard the packaging after they are used up.

2. Packaging material and structure

There are various packaging materials for Mid-Autumn Festival products, including paper, plastic, gold, wood, etc. When selecting materials, the environmental coordination of materials should be considered, and packaging materials that can prevent bacteria, mildew, moisture, and degradability should be used as much as possible, such as bamboo leaves, mulberry leaf, lotus leaf, Bingsheng cardboard, etc. Reduce the number of packaging materials as much as possible, try to avoid the use of wood, and do not use high-priced mooncakes such as mahogany and crystal. In addition, when selecting materials, a single material should be used as much as possible, and the weight should be as light as possible. This reduces both packaging costs and wastes disposal costs.

3. Humanized concept

An excellent mid-autumn gift box design must be suitable for goods that are stored, transported, displayed, and sold, as well as being carried and opened by consumers. In the product packaging design, the proportion of the box structure is reasonable, the structure is rigorous, and the shape is exquisite. It pays attention to the beauty of box shape and material, the beauty of contrast and coordination, and the beauty of rhythm. use. The general packaging structure mainly includes various combinations such as portable, hanging, opening, and closing.

4. Artistic performance

Its packaging art design mainly focuses on the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box design, including text design, pattern design, material design, etc. A highly artistic moon cake packaging box can not only increase the external appearance but also stimulate consumers’ desire to buy, thereby promoting consumption. Therefore, the packaging materials should be beautiful, image, non-traditional, and cannot be imitated. The use of new packaging materials and the use of brand-new packaging materials are refreshing. Packaging pattern. The text should clearly and truly reflect the characteristics, functions, specifications, and usage of the commodities. Extracting element symbols from traditional art, and then transforming modern creative consciousness and expression methods, to break the inherent design mode and make breakthroughs in the form of expression.

5. Pay attention to cultural functions

All designs that serve people are the product of a certain culture. The design of the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box more directly provides life services for human beings, communicates the relationship between commodity production and life, and integrates the natural feelings between commodities and people’s social life. As a product of cultural design, packaging design’s cultural value depends on its cultural function. Cultural function emphasizes the value and role embodied in packaging culture. As a carrier of emotional communication between consumers and commodities, it meets people’s growing spiritual and cultural needs.

6. Add interest

The Mid-Autumn Festival gift box design can feel cloudy and sunny in the process of opening the box, that is, the corresponding theme also adds interest. Good packaging tells a good story, a good story conveys a good product, and a good product makes a good brand. From ancient times to the present, it is like a person’s life, from scratch, from childhood to adulthood, experiencing all kinds of life, looking back on the past, it is better to cherish the time with family. In the process of getting the package and opening it, customers experience the change of cloudy, sunny, round, and short, to correspond to the theme and interest of the packaging.

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