What to Consider When Customizing Retail Boxes

What to Consider When Customizing Retail Boxes
If you want your product to stand out from the retail shelf, you need to make sure that the product and the premium packaging are better than the same type of product. Users usually look at multiple products when shopping. When they see your product, you should display the information and advantages of the product through the box to promote product sales.

Unlike online shopping, a customer’s first impression of a product is very important when shopping in a retail store. Therefore, brand owners should pay special attention to the design and production of packaging boxes. Good retail packaging not only ships well, but also impresses consumers, increasing the perceived value of the product.
When customizing the box, we should also avoid some problems that may occur in design and production, such as:

Not the right size – A large box can help a product stand out on a retail store shelf, but it can be counterproductive if it doesn’t meet customer expectations. For example, a large packaging box can improve customers’ expectations for products. When customers open the packaging box, if the void ratio in the packaging box is too high and the product is too small, it will lead to failure to meet customers’ expectations, thereby reducing customers’ trust in the brand. . In addition, it will also affect the production cost, material cost, transportation cost, and storage cost of the packaging box.

Poor packaging structure – The structure of the box determines how the box can be opened and how safe it is. For example, the flip-top box is the easiest to open and close, and the heaven and earth cover box has the best safety, but neither the heaven and earth cover box nor the flip-top box can save the transportation space like the folding box; When choosing the structure of the packaging box, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the characteristics of the product before making the selection.

The appearance is not attractive enough – if the box is not attractive enough, customers will not pay attention to your product, let alone buy it. Whether it is to highlight the key information of the brand and the product through the classic minimalist design, or to guide customers to pay attention to the product through the eye-catching graphic design is a very good choice.

While retail packaging is far less important than the product, custom packaging is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to stand out in this increasingly competitive market.

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