What kind of kraft paper is the most cost-effective for envelope packaging?

Today, I will introduce to you a kraft paper that is most suitable for envelopes and portfolios.

It is: environmentally friendly refined kraft paper, also called envelope kraft paper, envelope refined cow

Its gram weight range is: 40-150gsm

The specifications of the width are 787-2500mm, which can be shipped directly from the reel, or can be cut into flat sheets, and can also be specially re-rolled!

Its color is khaki, it is made of recycled wood pulp from waste paper, environmentally friendly and recycled. After screening, the surface of the paper is smooth, smooth, and delicate, without dust, uniform thickness, khaki, suitable for full-page printing multi-color printing, Good toughness, average stiffness, moderate tensile force, strong folding and wear resistance, recycled kraft paper can slow down the speed of deforestation, protect the ecological environment, save energy and reduce pollution. The relative price of recycled kraft paper is extremely cheap and moderate in quality. A very affordable kraft paper.

Not only can be used for envelopes, file bags, but also for flexible packaging, handbags, the electronics industry, three-in-one bags, etc.

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